How to make REAL heath changes this New Year

How to make REAL heath changes this New Year

‘New Year, New You’ and all of the goals that comes with it…..but how do you make real changes that will help you long term without making it a big deal? I’m going to talk you through some simple steps to get you started. 


  1. Assess a typical working day for yourself from start to finish and ask yourself a few questions: What is something I do every day? Is there something that I do daily, that I can make healthier? Yes there is because we all have something that we can make healthier. Some examples of something you do every day: drinking coffee, drinking juice, snacking on cafe treats, catching public transport, walking your dog, wine with dinner, the time you go to bed.
  2. Start with changing one small habit at a time. For example: remove the sugar from your coffee or get off the bus one stop earlier to add in a 20 minute walk home each day.
  3. Set a timeframe that you want to maintain this habit change for, before changing an additional habit. It typically takes three weeks until a conscious change becomes habitual, however, if you are motivated you might be able to implement a change every week.
  4. Move on to your next habit that you want to change or improve and add it in to your daily routine. For example: pack lunch for work three days per week.
  5. Yes it is that easy if you a) chose something small b) be consistent with your implementation c) make it a habit and part of your lifestyle

I am a big believer of the KISS system – keep it simple silly. The key to success with lifestyle and dietary changes is that they need to suit your individual lifestyle, time restrictions, family and your personal values. If you follow the above steps you might not have an ‘eight pack’ by Easter but you will be creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself that is sustainable long term.

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