Nutrition Services

Individual Consults

Every Functional Food Solutions consult is tailored to your highly specific needs. To ensure that we can provide ongoing exceptional and consistent services, our dietetic consults include:

  • Complete dietary assessment
  • Detailed medical history
  • Family health and social support
  • Body composition analysis: specific to personal goals
  • Detailed exercise and training history
  • Nutrition education: Medical and diet relationships explained
  • High quality nutrition resources to complement our services between visits

Team & Corporate Consults

From corporate health education to optimising performance; Functional Food Solutions delivers Nutrition services to make the work, food, exercise, family, and social life balancing act achievable!

We have developed a range of presentations, which are ideal for group delivery. To ensure your outcomes are achieved we will liaise closely with directors, administration, facility managers and coaches prior to any presentation to ensure that we deliver a personalised and specific education session.

Some of the presentation interest areas Functional Food Solutions currently deliver are:

  • Nutrition: The Principles of Healthy Eating
  • Nutrition for Performance
  • Debunking Nutrition Myths
  • Body Image and Body Satisfaction
  • Nutrition for Age and Stage

Quality resources and take home handouts are also provided to ensure you have complimentary support to the face-to-face nutrition exposure from the Functional food Solutions team. Recent publications from the FFS team include:

  • Recipe Modification Guides
  • Label Reading Guides


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing, using a saliva test, is now readily available and affordable allowing Dietitian’s to personalize your nutrition plan to match your genetic preferences. This information can also be used to ensure that you eat to prevent any chronic diseases that your genetics are predisposed to.

The world of Nutrigenomics is a growing area and one that Peta Carige is proudly up to date with.

Can your body afford not to know what is best of it? What is the best food for weight loss for your personal body? What supplements does your body require to function at its best?

Armed with this information, specific to your genetic profile, Peta will be able to develop the best dietary plan to meet your goals for improved health and wellness.

For more information on Genetic Testing and AMY-1 Testing please check out the following website