Snacks for Little People

Snacks for Little People

Kids are always hungry at 3pm! That is ok and completely normal. As part of a healthy diet your child should eat three main meals and two-three snacks per day, especially if they are active.

Snacks need to be healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. An afternoon snack is a great opportunity to make sure your child has enough energy to enjoy their afternoon activities. A nutritious snack at this time also adds to their vitamin tally necessary for overall health and growth.

Try and think about what food groups they need to top up on pending the content of their lunch boxes. For example if they are good fruit eaters at school, use the afternoon tea snack to fit in an extra serve of dairy. If they love cheese in their lunch box, then try and include fruit and veggies in the afternoon tea snack.

The following afternoon snack ideas are ideal for busy kids going from school to afternoon sport. It is super important that you encourage a small carbohydrate based snack at this time to supply their muscles and brains with energy:

  1. Fresh fruit or 1 cup of fruit salad
  2. Small pita bread – spread thinly with cheese spread or peanut butter, grated carrot and raisins
  3. Handful of pretzels or popcorn
  4. Fruit or date scone
  5. 1/2 wrap – spread with hummus, add cheese and apple
  6. Tub of low fat fruit yogurt or low fat dairy snack such as ‘Le rice’
  7. Chopped veggies sticks with Ricotta or mashed avocado
  8. Small fruit smoothie, made on milk, fruit, yoghurt and ice (great in summer)
  9. Mini muffin frittatas with leftover vegetables and chicken or ham fillings
  10. Multigrain toasted sandwich, is a great filling and healthy option


Have a little more time? Check out this easy recipe.



1 mashed banana
1 cup almond butter or smooth peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
2 ¼ cups of oats
1tbsp. cocoa powder
½ cup dark chocolate chips
¼ cup coconut


  1. Mix all ingredients
  2. Slowly, gradually add lukewarm water until you reach a sticky consistency
  3. Roll mixture into bite sized balls. Roll in additional coconut afterwards.