There is such a thing as a healthy tan

There is such a thing as a healthy tan

Before you read on: Grab your mushrooms from the fridge and place them outside to “sunbake”, now read on.

Summer and sunshine is upon us, which means plenty of Vitamin D right? Not necessarily.

Work commitments, clothing, sunscreen, location, season changes and ageing may be hindering your daily basking time and with Vitamin D being so important in maintaining muscle and bone strength as well as its protective properties against some Cancers, Obesity and Diabetes it is only too important to make sure you are topped up this summer.

By leaving your mushrooms in the sun for 1 hour their Vitamin D content is dramatically increased. As little as three ‘tanned’ mushrooms contain 100% of daily Vitamin D requirements, which is a perfect top up for those who don’t get regular sunshine.

So ‘tan’ your mushrooms and add them to summer salads, pasta and rice dishes or try the recipe below.

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